What Is It About Eyelashes?

When we really think about it, how how important are eyelashes? Sometimes it seems women care as much or more about their eyelashes as the hair on their head. And really, this is nothing new.

Beauty trends come in phases; that's exactly what makes them just that—trends. There was the grunge phase in the 90s, the frosty makeup in the early 2000s, and today, it's all about thebig lips and bold eyebrows.

What's remained consistent through all of these trends and phases, however, is the desire forlong, full eyelashes. In fact, fake eyelashes, known best today as falsies, were first created in1916 by a Hollywood director, David W. Griffith. While his purpose for the lashes were foractresses on set, it quickly caught on with the public.

There was another resurgence of falsies in the 60s when big, exaggerated eyes were seen inmagazines and on the runway. We all know Twiggy, right? She was a fashion icon and modelduring that time, and she wore fake eyelashes on both her top and bottom eyelids.

Today, we've become more sophisticated with our fake lashes. Nine out of 10 times, we can tellwhen a woman is wearing a strip of false eyelashes. But with the rise of eyelash extensions in2005, the game has changed. Women can have a semi-permanent result with extensions, andget away without anyone knowing it! So how is it that something that takes up such little space on our face and body has become astaple of our beauty routine? I can only assume the age-old saying of "the best things come insmall packages" applies here.

Below, I've laid out the power of eyelashes, and after reading through the list, there is no doubting how important lashes really are.

1. They make our eyes look bigger!

Many women, more than we'd like to admit, want to modify something about themselves.Whether we want to be skinnier, taller, curvier, etc., we all have something we'd like tochange. How often do you hear women wishing they had bigger eyes? I do. Almost everyday. Having long, curled eyelashes make your eyes appear bigger.

2. They make us look more awake.

Have you ever gone to work or school without eye makeup on and been asked, "Are you feeling okay?" Yeah, me too. This is because our eyes often look tired without any eyemakeup on, especially mascara. With longer lashes, however, our eyes appear more awakeand open, giving our entire face a little lift.

3. They make us look more youthful.

It's a joke we've all heard—why do men and children, who have no need for long eyelashes,always end up being the ones who actually have them? Not. Fair. You'd be hard pressed tofind a small child who doesn't have the longest, fullest eyelashes. It is for this reason thatwe are drawn to longer eyelashes when we are adults. Long eyelashes give a very youthfullook to your entire face.

4. They pull the whole eye look together.

No matter how much you are killing it with your eye shadow, or winged eyeliner, no eyelook is complete without a gorgeous set of eyelashes. In fact, some women don't botherwith either of those things and just work on perfecting their lash game.

5. Mascara is useless without them.

The industry has come a long way since mascara was first invented in 1913 by Rimmel. Nowevery beauty brand has their own mascara promising something different—longer lashes,fuller lashes, more curl, no flaking, etc. These days, you have options when it comes tomascara and how you want it to look. But mascara can only get you so far. Lashes are thekey to making any mascara look good, and if you have such stubby lashes that the mascarais getting all over your eyelid when you apply it, it is most definitely time to invest in LiLash®.

Regardless of the length of your eyelashes, you should feel confident daily. However, ifyou're interested in longer, more curled eyelashes, LiLash® is for you. Work it into your dailyroutine and see results in just weeks!