Angela Angeline The Make-Up Junkie

Angela Angeline

Lipstick junkie. Beauty and lifestyle blogger. Full-time mother and chocoholic. These are just a few of the things that define Angela Angeline. Now after seeing her LiLash® and LiBrow® results, we think we can add 'LiLash® addict' to the list as well.

"Over the first 6 week course, I noticed my eyelashes seemed to be longer than I had seen them in years. They had a fabulous curve and even seemed to fall out less due to the conditioning in the serum. I even found myself using less mascara, or not at all. My brows felt thicker. They appeared fuller, darker, and even grew in a lot faster than normal."

I have been applying LiLash® daily at the base of my lash line, and have seen tremendous results. The sheer volume of lashes has—at the very least—doubled.

On more than one occasion I have been asked what lashes I was wearing, whether it was with or without mascara. What a confidence boost! The volume, length, curve, and overall impact my natural lashes give is simply astounding.

The combined duo of LiLash® and LiBrow® enhancing serums has given me phenomenal, noticeable results. The overwhelming response I have received in regard to both my brows and lashes is utterly stupefying, proving that it is not only visible to myself but also to others."

After Angela's incredible journey with LiLash® and LiBrow®, we had to send her our limited edition Eye Silks. The looks she created were the perfect backdrop for her long, curled eyelashes.

We absolutely love having Angela has one of our LiLoves, and cannot wait to what she comes up with next! Find Angela's entire review and more gorgeous photos here. Experience the Magic of LiLash®