About LiLash Beauty

Since 2007, LiLash Beauty has been naturally enhancing the look of eyelashes and eyebrows
utilizing unique conditioning serums that foster a cult-like following.

Our products have been used over the counter and by salon professionals for more than a decade,
creating more than one million happily transformed customers!

All products are paraben-free, physician formulated, and nevertested on animals.

LiLash Beauty is confident in the success of our products which is why we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

What's in it for YOU?

  • A unique 20% discount code to share with followers

  • 8% commission on each order placed with your unique discount code

  • A LiLash Beauty product of your choice

  • LiLash Beauty Brand document with product information and branded verbiage that can be valuable when communicating with your audience


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