Meet Kendall

Meet Kendall @kjasco

“My LiLove® experience has been awesome... The LiLash® Team has made me feel so comfortable... It’s given me so much confidence to be in front of the cameras and be talking to you right now about my experience and I can’t thank LiLash® enough.”

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Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley @ashrbrad

“I discovered LiLash® after having damaged my eyelashes with extensions. I was kind of skeptical, but then I tried it and 3 weeks later it worked wonders!”

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Meet Emily

Meet Emily @blondesandbalayage

“I love LiLash® because it gives me the results I want. It gives me the length and curl my lashes wouldn’t normally get.”

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Meet Kim

Meet Kim @kimrossomando

“Around the 30-day mark I saw my lashes really getting long, and all my friends started complimenting me – asking if I got fake lashes!”

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Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie @nataliedempsey

“LiLash is that something special to enhance my natural lashes and give me the look I was supposed to be born with!”

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