BeYOUtiful | Celebrating Every Type Of Beauty

Complete the sentence: I feel the most beautiful when...

Is it when you first wake up in the morning with a fresh face? Or when you throw on a pair of heels and a coat of red lipstick?

Maybe you feel most beautiful when you're with your family, or when you're outside in nature.

While some of us may have similar answers, we could fill a book with the different ways women feel beautiful. The answers vary because we're all unique—and that's something to be celebrated!

Sometimes it feels like we're required to fall into one of two camps. Society tells us we either have to be pro natural beauty, or pro glam life. At LiLash®, we couldn't disagree more! Women should feel free to express themselves in whatever way they choose on any given day.

This is the heart behind the creation of LiLash®. Generally speaking, LiLash® conditions and fortifies eyelash follicles to enhance the length and curl of eyelashes. By using LiLash®, you'll achieve longer, fuller and curlier eyelashes than you've ever had before. But it doesn't stop there—your eyelashes will be healthier, too!

LiLash® leads to less natural lash breakage, allowing you to enjoy more eyelashes overall.The great part about our product is that it's perfect for all women, no matter how they feel most beautiful. For the woman who feels most beautiful with minimal makeup, LiLash® allows you to wear less mascara or none at all. Your eyes will also look more open and awake with long lashes. It's the perfect product for the 'less is more' woman. On the other hand, if you're someone who enjoys getting all dolled up, LiLash® is just as ideal for you! You can ditch the fake eyelashes and messy glue, and get the same effect with your very own lashes!

With long, full, curled eyelashes, everyone will be asking what brand of falsies you're rocking. As we all know, there are more than just two approaches to makeup and beauty. Maybe you fit into each of these categories on different days, or neither of these categories ever. The good news is, LiLash® is still the perfect product. Some women use our product after pulling out their own eyelashes with their eyelash curler. Other women with extremely short eyelashes use LiLash® simply to get their fringe long enough to coat with mascara.

Since we believe that all women are beautiful in their own way, we created a product that fits all women.If you've followed us for a while, then you know our tagline has been "Experience the Magic." We've transformed that now into "The Magic is Real." We've intentionally changed it because we're confident that you will see results with LiLash®. So no matter who you are—or how you define beauty—you'll find that LiLash® has a place in your beauty routine.