Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following

Taking a break from a full-time job to become a certified makeup artist sounds like a total dream, but it’s unrealistic for most of us. But thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube, we can still learn from the best. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite makeup artists turned YouTube beauty gurus. They’ve got talent and personality to spare, and can show you how to work with any budget. So open up YouTube and get ready to subscribe!

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Wayne Goss

Have you ever heard about a crazy makeup hack and thought, “There’s no way that actually works”? Wayne Goss takes all of those tips, tricks and hacks and puts them to the test. He’s got you covered with everything from making your makeup last all day to the perfect way to curl your eyelashes—there’s truly a video for everything! Did we mention he has his own line of brushes, too?

Wayne also excels when it comes to teaching the basics. Still haven’t figured out how to contour? Join the club! Wayne will show you how it’s done. Have you figured out how to blend your eye shadow properly? No stress— he’ll teach you the ropes. Before you waste your time on some crazy beauty trend, check out Wayne’s channel to see whether it’s worth your time or not.


Sam and Nic Chapman are the talented sisters behind Pixiwoo. These UK-based makeup artists have mastered celebrity tutorials. Are you a fan of Gigi Hadid? Learn how she does her makeup from Pixiwoo. Is Kendall Jenner your all-time girl crush? Find out how she masters her everyday look with Pixiwoo. Another thing we love about the Pixiwoo girls is their easy-going approach to makeup. If you don’t have the right brush to apply foundation, their advice is to use your hand. It gets the job done, too! Or if you don’t apply your eyeliner evenly, simply blend it out with a brush.

Pixiwoo’s mantra is makeup doesn’t have to be perfect, and they preach that in their videos, too. And—for a shameless plug—Sam and Nic both love and talk about LiLash® and LiBrow® in countless videos!


Tati No matter what your makeup budget is, Tati is the perfect beauty guru to subscribe to. She doesn’t care if a product is high-end or drugstore—she’s on the hunt for the best products period. She provides unbiased reviews on all products, and no brand is off limits. Our favorite thing about Tati is her approach to hauling entire makeup collections. Curious which items from the Urban Decay collection are worth the splurge and which ones you can pass on? Tati is gives you that insight. Her makeup knowledge wrapped together with her fun-loving personality makes Tati a YouTuber you can’t miss!

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is full glam all of the time, and we absolutely love it! From lip plumping to big false lashes, Huda is all dolled up. Residing in the UAE, Huda often gets a first look at products that will be launching in other countries, so following Huda gives you an inside look at what’s to come. Another one of her passions is skincare, and her at-home remedies are always spot on. Looking for a mask to get rid of blackheads? She’s got a recipe for that. What about acne scars you’d like to see disappear? Huda has amazing remedies you can create with items found in most kitchens. Her innovation and love of all things glam make Huda one of our favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. Check out Huda’s Youtube!


When we think of girl power, we think of NikkieTutorials! This girl is so true to herself, and it’s apparent in all of her videos. Her creativity is unstoppable, too. The different colors she uses and risks she takes make her videos fun to watch—and the end result is always gorgeous.

Nikkie’s ability to poke fun at the beauty industry makes her videos a ‘must watch,’ too. Whether she’s trying to contour with kitchen utensils to making fun of trending topics in the media, Nikki is relatable to all of us.