5 Easy Tips to Look Bright-Eyed & Awake

Looking like a bright-eyed, well-rested human when you're only running on a few hours of sleep can seem impossible. Sometimes we need more than a jolt of caffeine in the morning to avoid hearing, "Wow, you look exhausted today" from everyone who crosses our path. 

Whether you pulled an all-nighter studying for an exam, worked late, or stayed out until 3 AM, use these tips & tricks to help make it look like you've got in your full 8 hours. 

 1. Moisturizers & Serums 

Brightening eye creams can help reducing the appearance of tired eyes, puffiness, and darkness around the eyes.

Look for brightening eye creams that help reduce the appearance of tired eyes, puffiness, and darkness. Heavy-duty moisturizers are ideal for before bed. On the other hand, serums are often lighter and can be easily worn under makeup during the day. Look for serums formulated to help treat multiple causes of tired-looking like sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and allergies. 

The Best Eye Cream Ingredients 

Retinol - Retinol helps speed up cellular turnover and boost collagen production. 

Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic acid helps draw water into the skin to keep the under eye area plump, moisturized, and glowing. 

Vitamins C & E - Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps illuminate the under eye area, combat aging signs, and increase collagen production. Vitamin E helps fight wrinkle-causing free radicals while moisturizing the delicate skin under the eyes. 

Caffeine - Caffeine helps to diminish water retention, which is one of the leading causes of under eye puffiness. 

    Check out The 10 Best Brightening Eye Creams of 2020 approved by the beauty gurus at Ipsy. 

    2. Brightening Eye Drops

    Look wide awake ASAP with Lumify eyedrops. These brightening eye drops work in just 1 minute and last all day long. Lumify drops are made with a gentle formula to help reduce redness, relieve any irritation, and help your eyes appear whiter and brighter. 

    3. Cucumbers

    Cucumbers have skin-lightening and mild astringent properties.

    We've all seen those iconic photos of women at the spa with a towel wrap on their head and cucumbers over their eyes. It turns out cucumbers actually have skin-lightening and mild astringent properties. To help combat raccoon eyes, leave cold slices of cucumber on your eyes for 10 minutes 2x per day. 

    4. Catch Some Zzz

    Getting enough rest will help decrease stress levels while allowing your body and mind to regenerate and rejuvenate.

    We know this is super basic, but it's also really important.

    Getting enough rest will help decrease stress levels while allowing your body and mind to regenerate and rejuvenate. Are you having trouble sleeping? Check out these natural remedies to help. 

    5. Boost Your Look With Long Lashes & Brows

    With these tips you're well on your way to never hearing the dreaded "you look tired" phrase again. And remember, nothing makes refreshed and awake eyes pop like long lashes and full eyebrows. Include LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum in your skincare routine for longer-looking, full lashes that will help your tired eyes appear more awake. Fuller brows help amp up any look, regardless if it's a no-makeup day or a full-face kind of day. The LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Serum helps natural brows appear thicker.