5 Makeup Trends to Fall in Love With

Seven months into the pandemic, your makeup kit may have as much dust on it right now as your high-heels. But fall 2020 is here, and the emerging makeup trends might just be the inspiration you need to start feeling like yourself again. 

From colorful eyeshadow, fresh lip stains to a natural glow that will grab attention during Zoom meetings, read on for the fall 2020 makeup trends we’re expecting to see everywhere. 

Trend #1. Under eyeshadow

Fall makeup trends 2020 - Under eye shadow

It’s 2005, you’re in high school, and every other girl in class has heavy kohl liner on their bottom lash lines. Well, that’s back - but this time around, it’s so much better. Instead of piling on a kohl liner or black eyeshadow, 2020 is all about placing shadow under your lower lash line and finishing it off with full long lashes to balance it out. 

Trend #2. Full and Fluffy (natural) Brows

Fall makeup trends 2020 - Fluffy, bold brows

Instead of focusing on precise, perfect brows, fall 2020 welcomes full and fluffy brows with open arms. Great news for those of us who haven’t visited our go-to brow technician since spring. 

Sparse brows got you down? LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Serum helps give you the look of bold brows without having to pile on the products. 

Trend #3. Lip Stains

Fall makeup trends 2020 - Lip Stains

For a low-maintenance lip look that will last all day, opt for a barely-there lip stain. Lip stains have acquired a bit of a bad rep for feeling tight or dry, but brands are pulling out all the stops for fall 2020. Layer your lip stains for a bolder look, or lightly dab for a dreamy, soft hue of color. 

The Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain by Yves Saint Laurent is not only a fan-favorite at Sephora, but it’s also won the coveted Allure Best of Beauty Award. 

Trend #4. Bright Blush 

Fall makeup trends 2020 - Bright Blush

Sweep bright pink or coral blush along your cheeks, temples, and under the brow bone for a fresh all-over-flush. This bright, subtle burst of color will add a finishing touch to natural makeup looks or tie together a full face. 

Try the iconic NARS Blush in the shade Orgasm for a pop of color and delicate shimmer. 

Trend #5. Hot pink eyes 

Fall makeup trends 2020 - Hot Pink Eyes (Pink eyeshadow)

The hot pink eyeshadow trend proves even traditionally girly looks can still feel edgy and cool. Makeup artists, celebs, and influencers are dipping their brushes into intense bubble-gum pink shadows, and the results are stunning. From matte shades, shimmers to intense glitters - hot pink has no boundaries!  



What’s one thing every fall 2020 makeup look won’t be complete without? Eyelashes that make a statement, of course. For longer-looking lashes, try the LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum paired with the new LiLash Synergy Mascara to enhance your lashes in a full, bold look.