What is a Great Mascara Really Made of?

There's more to mascara than meets the eye. A good mascara is one of the most sought after beauty products on the market. You know, that holy grail mascara that gives you long lashes, supreme separation, and ample volume - is that really too much to ask? 

It's a mascara battlefield out there. With an endless array of lengthening, curling, nourishing, and strengthening mascaras, how will you know which one to put in your beauty bag?

We're spilling the 'tea' on what sets a good mascara apart from the rest. 

What are Your Desired Results?

We all use mascara to achieve something. Whether it be longer lashes, volume, lash separation, or curling, mascara delivers that immediate finishing touch to complete any eye look. Before buying your next mascara tube, think about what you want your mascara to do for you. 

What is a good mascara made of

Mascara Formula is Crucial 

Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of mascara? We've come a long way from the first mascara formulas. Ancient Egyptians used kohl to darken their eyelashes, brows, lids, and ward off evil spirits. Talk about an all-in-one product! Today, most mascara is made from a blend of oils and waxes that provide its texture, pigment, and color. 

If you have sensitive peepers, be on the lookout for any harmful ingredients like parabens, alcohol, and perfume - they can irritate eyes. 

How to find a good mascara formula

The Mascara Brush Shape

One of the stand-out features of any mascara is, of course, the wand. A great applicator can make all the difference when it comes to achieving flawless, long lashes. You've probably seen it all from ultra-thin mascara brushes, ones with spikes, balls, or even miniature wands. 

Here's a quick guide to different mascara brush shapes:

  • Oversized Wands - Best for volume
  • Skinny Wands - Best for lengthening
  • Curved Wands - Best for curling
  • Tapered Wands - Best for definition
  • Ball-Tipped Wands - Best for outer corners
  • Hourglass Wands - Best for lift and separation

The difference between mascara brushes

How to Apply Mascara 

We know you know how to apply mascara. But there are a few industry tips and tricks to ensure a smooth, clump-free application. Your mascara wand should essentially do all the 'hard' work for you. Begin at the base of your lashes and wiggle gently forward and back, making sure you coat the bottom of your lashes, then pull the mascara brush upward towards the tip of your eyelashes.

How to Care For Your Lashes

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LiLash Eyelash Serum for longer looking lashes

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