Eyelash Serum Do’s and Don'ts

Are you looking to boost your beauty routine with a lash serum? Eyelash serums help achieve longer, fuller-looking lashes with consistent use. Like other cosmetics, eyelash serums have specific instructions as to how and when to apply them to maximize results.

Read on to discover the best lash serum practices and what to avoid.

#1. DO Apply to Clean Skin

You want to start with a clean slate to ensure maximum absorption. Wash and dry your face before applying lash serum to remove any excess makeup, skincare products, dirt, or oil.

Tip* Avoid excessively scrubbing your eyes when removing makeup to prevent lash damage. 

#2. DON’T Use on Bottom Lashes

Lash serums are made for your upper lash line only. Applying serum on your bottom lashes increases the chance of the product getting into your eyes and causing irritation.

#3. DO Follow Usage Instructions

More does not always mean better. Only use the recommended amount of lash serum. You need a thin line of the serum along the base of your upper eyelashes. Over-applying won’t speed up the results.

#4. DON’T Share With Others 

Sharing beauty products that come in close contact with the eyes can lead to contamination and infection. The eyes are highly sensitive and vulnerable to infection, even if you or a friend don’t have any eye issues.

#5. DO Research Eyelash Serums

Do you have sensitive eyes? Are you a contact lens user? Some lash serums can irritate sensitive eyes. Look for ophthalmologist-tested formulas safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

Also, if you have any allergies, check the list of ingredients thoroughly. Do a patch test on your skin first to see if you react.

#6. DON’T Double Dip

Just like the community salsa bowl, double dipping is a no-go. You only need one dip of lash serum for both eyes. Going in for a second dip after applying it to your first eye wastes the product. You have enough product on the applicator to coat both lash lines.

#8. DON’T Expect Overnight Results

It takes several weeks before you see noticeable changes in your lashes. Eyelashes have a natural growth cycle that takes time to complete. Be patient and stick to a routine for the best results.

#9. DO Apply Daily (or Every Other Day)

Skipping days will delay the process. Make sure you are consistent in applying your lash serum daily unless you have sensitive eyes. In that case, we recommend applying your serum every other day. Ready to get started? Commit to the habit of using LiLash for at least three months for longer, fuller-looking lashes.

#10. DON’T Use Lash Serum While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

LiLash and LiBrow have not been tested in all situations. Therefore, to be safe, it’s best to avoid using the product while pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you have any questions or want to know more about LiLash or LiBrow, head to our FAQs page.