Introducing Jade Madden

Jade Madden's love of makeup is second only to her love of animals. In fact, the focus of her YouTube channel is beauty using all cruelty-free products. Since LiLash® and LiBrow® aren't tested on animals, she decided to try them out and report back to her viewers. The results, as you will see, were incredible.

While LiLash® is often the star of the show, Jade's main concern was her eyebrows—or lack thereof. With a little help from LiBrow®, however, she had family and friends raving about her bold new brows.

In fact, after she had her final results, she asked if we could send her mom some LiLash® and LiBrow® to try out!

We're thrilled that LiLash® and LiBrow® worked so well for Jade, but we love her for so many other reasons. That's why she's one of our LiLash® LiLoves.

Her special-effects makeup talent is unbelievable, and she can rock any hair color—or even all of them at the same time.

With the number of videos she posts, and the creative looks she comes up with, it's incredible that YouTube is only a part-time gig for her. She is actually a gold miner, too—no lie! Honestly, how does she do it all?!

Go check out Jade's review on LiLash® and LiBrow®, and spend some extra time browsing her channel. You'll leave feeling entertained and inspired. Experience the magic of LiLash®.