The 10 Beauty Trends That Dominated in 2021

The Y2K aesthetic is back, '70s curtain bangs are popular again, and funky French manicures are the new go-to. 2021 brought us more focus on self-care, skincare, and self-love. Some ditched foundation for good, while others used 2021 as a fresh start to test out bolder statement-making looks.

So from full brows to hair that Farrah Fawcett would approve, check out the very best beauty trends from 2021 and learn how to achieve each look.

1. Skinimalism

Pinterest gave us a new word for loving the skin you're in. Skinimalism is all about embracing your natural skin, pores, texture, flaws, and all, with minimal makeup. For glowing skin, try upping your skincare game with tools like Gua Sha Stones, hydrating face masks, and spot treatments with salicylic acid to combat lingering 'maskne' breakouts.

If you're still uncomfortable going totally bare-faced, multi-use beauty products that can work on the lips, cheeks, and eyes are great for adding a pop of color.

2. Y2K Glossy Lips

Y2K nostalgia has landed in the beauty department. Plumping, shiny lip gloss is back as traditional matte lipsticks are taking a back seat. Lancôme relaunched the cult-favorite Juicy Tubes in April, while newer brands like Fenty Beauty released a modern take on ultra-shiny glosses.

Bubble gum pink gloss with glitter was the standard back then, but in 2021, lip gloss had a more adult makeover with rosy reds, muted pinks, and stunning clears.

3. Groovy Manicures

The '60s and '70s have reappeared in retro and wavy nail art looks in 2021. The classic mani features everything from smiley faces and vintage florals to curvy designs and multicolored French tips that will transport you back to Studio 54. 

If you don't want to make a trip to the salon, you can achieve the same looks with nail decals.

4. Minimal Makeup

The 'no-makeup makeup look' isn't exactly new, but the fresh-faced look was just as popular in 2021. Skip the heavy foundation and focus on healthy, hydrated, and luminous skin to achieve this look.

Invest in a good-quality facial oil, a little concealer, a touch of blush, and a coat of lengthening mascara to keep your eyes, lips, and cheeks as natural as possible.

5. Curtain Bangs

You've seen them on celebs like Hilary Duff, Dakota Johnson, and Ariana Grande.

Curtain bangs have dominated the list of popular cuts in 2021, with the shaggy mullet coming in at a close second! The cool thing about this trend is that it's flattering for any age, curtain bangs are super low-maintenance, and they work well on straight and curly hair types.

6. Fun Eyeliner & Shadows

Just because we still had to wear masks this year didn't mean exciting eye looks had to go out the window. We saw plenty of bold eyeliner choices, including bright '80s inspired blue shadows, glitter, and even mismatched hues.

To achieve a bold eyeliner look, stick with a traditional cat eye, but trade your classic black liner for a bright blue, pink, or purple!

7. Claw Hair Clips

While claw clips dominated TikTok in 2021, we can't forget about the reappearance of butterfly clips circa 1998, barrettes, and even floral and pearl-covered hair clips. However, it's the claw clip's ability to hide a bad hair day that made us look more presentable while running errands or on a Zoom meeting.

You can grab an inexpensive claw clip practically anywehere nowadays.

8. Jumbo Box Braids

Natural hair is thriving. For textured hair, protective styles like box braids are back in full force. Box braids gained popularity in the '90s, likely because they take less time than tiny braids, they're low maintenance, and they're absolutely gorgeous.

Play around with bolder colors like reds, blues, and blondes for a more modern take on classic box braids. 

9. Scalp Care 

Scalp care is the new self-care. Your scalp probably has a lot more build-up, dead skin, and gunk than you'd like to think.

In 2021, we gave our scalps some much-needed TLC with scalp scrubs and serums. A healthy scalp promotes good cell turnover and creates an optional environment for your hair to grow.

10. Full, Natural-Looking Brows

Fuller eyebrows have been back for a while, but they're not going anywhere anytime soon. 2021 was more about full, natural-looking brows that shape and define the face. We're not talking about overdone harsh arches but rather eyebrows that look like you were born with naturally fluffy brows.

To achieve the look of fuller brows, use the LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Serum at night before bed. The serum helps repair brow hairs and promotes better growth. Boost your natural beauty routine even further with the LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum for naturally longer-looking lashes.