Simple Hacks To Make Habits Stick

Habits are funny things. Sometimes they’re super easy to form—like that 2 PM iced-coffee run that was created in a matter of days during one particularly hectic work week. (The habit still lingers even though the work has evened out!) Other times, though, forming a habit is a bit trickier—no doubt the concept of the New Year’s Resolution came from this—because getting up early to work out or remembering to always take off your makeup before bedtime isn’t as easy as pounding down an afternoon coffee.

Life coaches agree that forming a new habit doesn’t happen overnight, but there are some simple hacks that make it easier. Once you’ve narrowed in on your desired behavioral change, try these three things:

  1. Start Simple – If you want to start eating healthy, don’t expect to cut out all sugar and all white flour and add nine servings of vegetables in a single day. Take baby steps. Add an extra serving of veggies each day, while limiting your sugar intake to one sweet treat every other day. Keep increasing the good-for-you foods while slowly going longer between cheat days.
  2. Enlist a Friend – Accountability is everything. Say getting fit is your goal—find a buddy who can provide motivation when you feel like giving up, and who will join you in a daily jog or yoga class.
  3. Use Reminders – Place a reminder in strategic places to keep reinforcing your goal. Write it on a sticky note and place it on the fridge or your bedroom mirror. Find a picture that represents what you’re striving for, and slip it in your wallet for a reminder every time you open it up. Simple visuals can help tremendously—especially in your first few days (or weeks) of habit forming.

The LiLash® Holder – A throne for your magic wand!

At LiLash®, we know that even with the best intentions, carrying out a daily habit takes a little nudge sometimes. Our lash-growth serum works with consistent, continued use—just like any other beauty product. That’s why the LiLash® counter holder was created—to make it as easy as possible to add applying the product to your existing beauty routine.

Picture this on your counter: a chic black acrylic accessory with rows of crystals holding up your LiLash® tube. Bam! That sleek and stylish visual reminder is all it takes to help you remember to apply the product just once a day. We know you’re busy, so it’s our way of helping make the process better and easier—not to mention prettier!

Habits may not be the easiest things in the world to form, but they do have one thing in common. Once they become part of your daily routine, the payoff is ALWAYS worth the initial trouble to get the habit off the ground. And once you see your longest, healthiest lashes ever, you’ll have all the motivation you need to keep your new habit going strong.

The magic is real!