National Brow Day Tips with Diana Menendez

There are a lot of amazing things that come with October - cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, halloween and… National Brow Day?! Today, National Brow Day, is one of our favorite holidays (for obvious reasons) and we’re so excited to share some advice on how to reach your brow goals! I mean seriously, a day dedicated to gorgeous arches? We’re so in.

To help you celebrate in true brow aficionado fashion, we’ve connected with one of our favorite brow artist and complete arch expert, Diana Menendez! She is the owner of Accentuated, a threading and microblading studio, and has been making brows better for over 10 years (just check her Instagram for serious #browgoals).


1. Are there any trends for brows that are specific to fall?

Full bushy brows or just natural full brows are definitely remaining a major trend into fall! I’ve had lots of clients going for more of the “undone” look than the full on “Instagram Brow,” which is showing us that the all-natural look is making its mark. I personally love to keep the brows full, but this can get tough since we tend to lose our brows as we get older (sigh) which is why grooming and maintenance are so important!


2. Best way for clients to maintain a full brow or assist in getting that “all-natural, fuller” look?

I recommend clients to use LiBrow, it is the only serum I sell in the salon. Their formulas (LiLash and LiBrow) are physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested, which is really important when you're looking to put something near your eyes. Plus, you see actual results with daily use in just 90 days, which you really can't beat.


3. How do you recommend clients maintain / shape their brows at home?

The absolute best way to maintain brows at home is to take a minimalistic approach... only pluck away from brow lines to clean up a bit and leave the rest to an eyebrow specialist like myself. Shaping can be very hard if you don't know what your doing and one hair can change the whole brow shape. It is something I am sure we have all done it before - the situation where you pluck one wrong hair out and then it's all downhill from there! Leave the major shaping to the pros, please!!

4. How do you keep your brow hairs in place all day?

Unfortunately, I haven't found a product I like at the moment that has the right amount of tint and hold. I personally have dark hair, so I use my mascara on my lashes first and then lightly brush my brows hairs with my mascara wand to give a little bit of a lift. For those with lighter brows, a clear or brown mascara has the hold you’re looking for.

5. Any advice you have on fixing over-plucked or odd growth patterns on brows?

I have worked and helped so many clients over the years with over-plucked eyebrows. The quickest fix would be microblading which is a popular semi-permanent tattoo for your eyebrows that mimics your hair to give you a natural full look - the key here is to ensure it's done by an experienced trained professional, so please please do your research when looking for an artist. Another way to fix up your brows and change the look is to grow them out. I have done this with many clients before microblading came along. Using LiBrow consistently will help the growth speed, while also assisting with a fuller look overall. From my experience, it's a minimum of 3 month before you'll have a gorgeous amount of growth, but can take up to a year to be fully grown out, it all depends on the client and the shape of the brow. The only hard spot with this is the patience... it takes a lot of waiting and not touching the brows at home. Find a brow expert you like, explain your goals and then stick with them, seriously!