How to Get the Perfect Brows

Perfect brows can transform your look. Whether you want more fullness after a run-in with the tweezers or have naturally full brows that need reshaping, your eyebrows can go rogue without regular maintenance.

We’re sharing our favorite tips, products, and techniques to help you achieve the perfect brows.

How to Fix Over-Tweezed or Thinning Brows

Age, genetics, medical conditions, or over-tweezing can cause brow thinning or hair loss. If your eyebrows are few and far between, here are a few things you can use to help.

Pomade: There are countless pencils, gels, and powders for filling and thickening your brows. We recommend an easy-to-use grooming pomade to thicken, shape, and groom your brows into place.

Pencil: To mask spareness or fill in any gaps, try a fan-favorite brow pencil. When you’re applying your brow pencil, always use thin, hair-like strokes for the most natural look.

LiBrow Serum: Perfect brows require some maintenance. LiBrow is designed to promote thickness and nourishment for fuller-looking brows. Make it a habit to incorporate your LiBrow serum into your daily beauty routine to boost your look with fuller, bolder brows.

How to Define Fuller Eyebrows

If you were born (or blessed) with naturally thick, full brows, you may need to shape them to prevent them from overwhelming your face. Add the following to your beauty routine for tamed, perfectly groomed brows.

Shaping Set: If you have enough brows to go around, a shaping set should be in your brow grooming kit. Knowing your natural brow shape is the foundation for flawless brows. Measure the start, arch, and endpoints to create brows that enhance your natural features.

Brow Gel: A good eyebrow gel is a must-have. Keep your brows in place all day with a swipe of clear brow gel. You could also use a tinted brow gel for more precise shaping. 

Highlighter. A good brow highlighter will enhance and define the shape of your brows. Glide the pencil under the brow arch and blend for dimension, or add it to the inner corner of your eyes for a pop of shimmer.

Do I Need Salon Treatments for the Perfect Brows?

The journey to flawless eyebrows looks a little different for everyone. If you have severe hair loss or want a more dramatic brow look, research more permanent solutions like brow tinting, microblading, brow lamination, or even tattooing and brow extensions.

If you want to go for a more natural approach, plucking or threading your brows regularly will help keep them looking well-kept. Brow products, including pencils, gels, and powders, are safe to use daily to fill in, define, and shape your brows.