Getting The Facts Straight About LiLash

We love seeing notification and alerts on our social networks whenever a customer is talking about LiLash® Purified Eyelash Serum on her blog or social networks. But with chatter happening all over the world and at all hours of the day, inaccurate information is bound to circulate.

Here at LiLash®, our priority is making sure our customers are educated about our product. So we’re taking time to debunk a few common myths we often hear about LiLash®.

Myth #1: LiLash® changes the color of your eyes.


This is most definitely not true. LiLash® has never changed anyone's eye color. Our serum is ophthalmologist tested and approved. The only slight discoloration you may experience is on your skin where you apply the product. This will go away after time.

Myth #2: LiLash® can cause your eyelashes to fall out.

LiLash® does not cause eyelashes to fall out. After using LiLash® for a while, you may notice a sparse area along your lash line. This is likely because your eyelashes are merging onto the same growth cycle. Keep with LiLash® and they will all grow back longer than ever. If you decide to discontinue using LiLash® altogether (who would ever do that??!), your lashes will follow their normal growth cycle and return to their length before use.

Myth #3: The product on eBay and Amazon is authentic.

Definitely not! Sadly, like many cosmetic companies, LiLash® has fallen victim to counterfeit product. You'll find counterfeit varieties on discount sites such as Amazon, eBay and Overstock. This is why we've created an authentication hologram that's placed on each real piece of LiLash®. This will help distinguish authentic product for now, but will likely be counterfeited down the road as well. The best way to ensure you are receiving authentic product is to order directly from our website, or reach out to us to find an authorized stockist ear you.

Myth #4: You should apply LiLash® on your bottom lashes if you want them to grow.

LiLash® should be applied to the base of your lash line on your top eyelid only. We have found that irritation often occurs when LiLash® is applied to the lower lash line. Don't worry—you will still experience growth there without directly applying it. The right amount of serum will transfer from your top lashes to your bottom when you blink or close your eyes to sleep.


Myth #5: Using LiLash® more than once a day will give you results faster.

Using LiLash® more than once a day will not give you results more quickly. In fact, it will do the exact opposite. Overusing our concentrated serum could cause irritation and a lack of results entirely. Stick to once a day. We promise, your patience will be well worth it!

If we haven't covered a rumor you may have heard, or if you still aren't clear on something, we encourage you to reach out! We love hearing from our customers and setting the record straight.