Benefits of Collagen for Your Lashes & Brows



Get fuller lashes, better brows, and healthier hair with collagen!

Collagen is essentially the glue that holds our bodies together. It’s a protein that supports healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, bones, and so much more.

Collagen is what gives our hair and nails resilience and keeps our skin supple and firm. Collagen can help with everything from improving skin elasticity and having better hair days to helping restore brittle lashes and over-plucked brows.

The Benefits of Collagen for Hair & Lashes: 

Collagen can help strengthen our hair, nails, skin, and even lashes and brows by providing moisture, nutrition, and antioxidant support. 

Our bodies naturally lose collagen with age, and the hair and skin are usually the most susceptible to early signs of aging. Collagen can help increase the body’s hair building proteins for longer, thicker hair. The proteins strengthen your strands and improve the quality of your locks.

The benefits aren’t limited to the hair on your head. Using collagen-based products or taking collagen supplements can also help your lashes and brows grow faster and thicker! Thin eyebrows and sparse lashes can be caused by aging, nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions, and medical treatments. Incorporating collagen into your daily routine can help restore your follicles and encourage your eyebrows to grow faster, longer, thicker and stronger.  

How to Choose a Collagen Supplement

There’s an endless supply of collagen powders, creams, and supplements on the market. Using collagen both topically in collagen-infused skincare as well as consuming it is beneficial. 

It’s important to choose collagen supplements from a reputable source. Look for supplements derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals or wild-caught fish without additional fillers or additives. Also, look for a collagen supplement certified by a third-party company, like NSF International or United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

What Else Can You Do to Encourage Lash & Brow Growth?

Brow and lash health is a tricky feat. So give your lashes and brows the TLC they deserve by adding collagen to your beauty routine paired with LiLash and LiBrow Purified Serums to boost your look by getting longer, fuller-looking lashes and bold brows.