Achieve Lash Perfection With This Eyelash Routine


Like many things in life, the key to success is often found with a routine. Whether you’retackling a new exercise regimen, or trying to learn a new language, repetition is your friend ifyou want to achieve your goal.

Taking your lash game to the next level is no exception. If you want to grow your eyelashes longer, and have overall healthier lashes that don’t break off, you’ll have to create a routine to see a change.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of the best practices when it comes to showing your lashes the love they deserve. Some are free and easy to include into your daily life, while others maytake a well-deserved investment and time.

1. Pick the right mascara
Stop by any drugstore or high-end makeup shop today and you’ll be bombarded with mascara options. From lengthening mascaras to thickening varieties and everything inbetween, you have a plethora of options. However, some mascaras contain ingredients that are harmful both to your health and to making your eyelashes grow longer. A few to avoidare parabens, aluminum powder, formaldehyde and petrolatum. On the flip side, look formascaras that contain peptides and vitamins that lead to healthier lashes. When your lashes are healthy, they are less likely to become brittle and break off.

Bonus tip:
Don’t pump your mascara when you’re applying it. While it seems like second-
nature to do so, this actually allows more air, and therefore bacteria, into your mascara tube
. Who cares what your eyelashes look like when you have an eye infection to fight!

2. Don’t pick at your eyelashesWe’ve all had a bad eyelash day. Our mascara just didn’t apply correctly, and we’re left witha clumpy disaster. If you’re anything like us, when boredom or stress sink in, we start topick; anything from our nails to the clumps of mascara in our eyelashes. Definitely avoiddoing the latter (well, both actually)! When we pick at our eyelashes, we can rip thethem out entirely and potentially damage the hair follicle. If you want to have your best eyelashes ever, you’ll have to avoid picking and wait until you can properly remove yourmakeup at home.

Bonus tip: If your mascara doesn’t want to cooperate, trying soaking the tube in a glass of warm water. This will loosen up the formula and allow for smoother application!

3. Take your mascara off each night
We know, we know. We hate getting ready for bed as much as the next person. We’re notsaying you have to do everything from washing your face to brushing your teeth (although,that would be life goals…),but we are recommending that you take off your eye makeup eachnight. Sleeping with mascara on can cause your eyelashes to become dry and easily break off. And, if you’re someone who sleeps on their face, this can cause you even more issues.Take the extra minute before bed to thoroughly remove your mascara, and allow your lashes to breathe.

Bonus tip: Instead of using an eye makeup remover that could have harsh ingredients in it,opt for coconut oil to remove your eye and face makeup!

4. Massage your Eyelids.
We’ve talked about this in other blog posts, and it feels weird every time. But really, it works! After removing your eye makeup, gently massage your upper eyelid along your lash line (make sure your hands are clean before doing this!). This will activate your lash follicles and allow them to grow long, gorgeous eyelashes. You might (okay, definitely) feel weird doing this, but if you want your eyelashes to grow longer, you do not want to miss this step.

Bonus tip: If you don’t want to use your fingertips, try using a clean spoolie instead!

5. Use an eyelash serum
While all of the tips listed above help to keep your eyelashes healthy, using a purified eyelash serum can change your eyelashes altogether. Most women are unhappy with either the length of their eyelashes, the lack of curl in their eyelashes, or the lack of lashes altogether. Or maybe all three! Using an eyelash serum can fix all of those concerns.LiLash enhances the length and curl of your natural eyelashes, and conditions lash follicles to produce more hair. It’s safe for everyone and easy to use. By adding a lash serum into your routine and remembering to use it daily, you will see your lashes grow longer and more curled in just a matter of weeks!

Bonus tip: Results with LiLash are guaranteed! If you aren’t happy with your results after 90days, you can return your tube for a full refund.

If you follow these quick and easy steps, you will see a complete eyelash transformation.And most important of all, don’t forget to experience the magic of LiLash.