Summer  is officially here! With each season in every new year, different trends emergethat are seemingly impossible to avoid. Last summer, could you go anywhere without seeing acrop top? Or a high-waisted bathing suit? Yeah, neither could we.While elements such as bright colors and minimal makeup are staples of summertime, it seemsto be a guessing game as to what additional trends will emerge each year. Instead of sendingyou out on a wild goose chase to track down Vogue articles, or stalk your favorite celebrities onInstagram, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest accessories for this summer.So grab your computer and get ready to make some purchases!
1. Choker necklaces
Talk about a blast from the past! Do you remember chokers from the 90s? You know,the ones that were supposed to look like a tattoo around your neck. While those exactchokers haven’t made a comeback (yet), other chokers are totally a hot item for thissummer. The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money tracking this down.They’re super easy to make at home! Grab a piece of fabrics or lace, and a fun bead orjewel, and you have yourself a hot item for summer 2016.
2. Almond-shaped nails
Gone are the days of square nails with a thick French manicure; not just for summer ’16,but in general. While previous summers have honed in on the pointed nails, or balletshape, this summer is all about the almond. Open up any magazine ad or pull up yourfavorite beauty guru on Instagram, and you’ll see their nails perfectly filed to the almond shape. Since it’s so trendy right now, it will be easy to achieve. Head to any nailsalon in your area, and we’re sure they’ll know what you’re talking about.3. Long lashes and bold browsAs we mentioned earlier, the natural look is all in during the summer. Not only do youwant your fresh tan to take center stage, but it’s just too hot to put on liquid foundationand a cream contour. The trend this summer for looking fresh, awake, and put togetheris long lashes and bold brows. Throw on a coat of mascara, brow gel, and a little bit ofcoral lipstick, and you are ready to go. If you don’t have the lashes and brows to flaunt,try LiLash and LiBrow. Our purified serums will have you summer ready in no time!
4. Vibrant blue everythingblog-post-13-photo-2
While it may not be Pantone’s color of the year, it sure has become the color of the summer! Anything from bags and sunglasses, to clothes 
and nail polish, vibrant blue is
the color you want to be sporting this summer!
5. Highlighter on everything
If you browse through any makeup store, or check out a collection at the drugstore,you’ll see that highlighters are all the rage right now. From liquid drops you mix into your foundation, to brushes designed to give you the perfect glow on your cheekbones,you can escape this highlighter fever. With different price ranges and color options,there is a highlighter for everyone! So before you hit the beach, or a fun night out with friends, be sure to dust some of that highlighter on your cheeks, brow bone, and cupids bow.
While more trends are bound to emerge as summer unfolds, this is a great list to help you kickoff the season. So grab your computer and make a few online purchases so your beach bag isready to go!