Summer Essentials | 2016 Edition

Summertime is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Even if you don’t have  a vacation planned, there is something special about the energy of summer.  One of the best parts about summer is how everything is simplified—from your makeup down to your wardrobe. When you aren’t in your work clothes, are you wearing anything other than a bathing suit and a cover up?! Yeah, that’s what we thought! Our team over at LiLash compiled a list of the essentials you need over summer, and as you  will see, it really isn’t much.
1. Sunglasses
For starters, there are way too many cute pairs of sunglasses out there for you to not be
rocking the perfect pair for your face! Secondly, nothing says summer like a selfie of you
slaying in sunglasses. And finally, you have to protect your eye area! Not only is your eyesight important, but when we squint, we cause wrinkles; honestly, does anyone have time for that?
DISCLAIMER: If you use LiLash, good luck finding a pair of sunglasses that your eyelashes
don’t touch!


2. Sunscreen
We are all about that summer glow, and really, there is nothing cuter than a bunch of freckles sprinkled on top of a nose. But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we all need to slather on the sunscreen! From the top of the
head all the way down to the toes, we’d be silly not to throw on a layer of sunscreen before going out in the sun. Not only will you avoid a terrible sunburn or worse, but you’ll keep your skin
looking younger for longer.

3. A bright lip
How many months out of the year can you rock that orange or bright pink lipstick you have
in your collection? Now is the time! With a little tan and a few extra freckles on your face,
these bright colors look amazing on everyone. Plus, does anything scream summer more than a pout that matches the drink you’re sipping on by the pool?


4. Bronzer
If you’re like some of us, you don’t have time to be sitting in the sun. Your perfect day is sitting under an umbrella, reading a good book. No need to miss out on the advantages of being tan, though! Grab your favorite bronzer and throw it on your face and body wherever the sun would naturally hit. It’s all about looking the part.

5. LiLash
This last one is a no-brainer. We know waterproof mascara has come a long way, but you should feel comfortable jumping in the pool without worrying about whether you’ll emerge with raccoon eyes. Remove mascara from the equation by using LiLash to rock long, curled eyelashes naturally—no mascara or falsies needed. Summertime is all about minimizing your makeup look, so with the right set of eyelashes, you can remove the need for eyeshadow and mascara.

So what are you waiting for? Summer is already here! Order LiLash today so you have long lashes to flaunt by the pool before it’s too late!