Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine


No time of year demands a little sparkle and shine more than the holidays. The trick is using just the right amount so you most assuredly dazzle, but don’t look like a Christmas tree with feet. As with all great style tricks, less is most often more, and strategy is everything. Consider adding subtle shine with makeup tweaks, wardrobe choices and—naturally—a little holiday décor.
sparkle looks from LiLash LiLoves

Holiday Sparkle in 3 Simple Steps


  1. Shimmer Down: Pull off a flawless makeup look for that holiday party with just the right amount of sparkle. Choose a feature—eyelids, lips and even nails—and let that be where you get your glam on. Too much glitter on the face can border on clownish, but one well-chosen and executed application of shine highlights the feature while keeping your look in balance. Try swiping a sparkly gold or copper shadow across your lids. Then finish with dark brown smoky eyeliner and lots of black mascara. Prefer a more dialed down look? Simply reach for a tube of gold-flecked lip gloss or paint your nails in a shimmery metallic lacquer. Check out some looks from our LiLoves Jaimie and Joanne above.
  2. Go Luxe: When the occasion calls for it, there’s no time like the holidays to wear your sparkle. A low-key office party might call for dark pants and a sweater — but that sweater can feature a metallic thread for a hint of shimmer. Finish with a gold or silver cuff and dazzling earrings to carry out the theme. If your party is of the glam variety, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your only option is a fully sequined dress. Go for a variation on the theme with a sequined skirt and rich black top or a metallic gold skirt with an ivory off-the-shoulder blouse. A clutch with a hint of shine ties the look together.
  3. Shine On: Carry your love of sparkle throughout your surroundings with creative décor ideas. Fill clear vases with shiny mini ornaments and light metallic-ensconced candles for extra evening shimmer. Of course, you can never go wrong with lights. Consider adorning a table or staircase with a string of white lights for a tasteful bit of glimmer. And speaking of sparkling décor, turn to LiLash this Black Friday for the big reveal of a one-of-a-kind decorative gift that is sure to dazzle and delight. Just like holiday lights and glistening ornaments, you’ll want this collector’s item to be on full display!

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So go on, start planning all the ways you can get your glam on. Whether it’s makeup, wardrobe, décor or all of the above, let this be the year you indulge in a little luxury.