Because they use the best eyelash purified serum and get amazing results, LiLoves can’t help but share their success stories with the world - and we’re so glad they do!

Our LiLoves™ are our customers who love sharing their stories with us. These LiLoves™ are LiLash® enthusiasts who love to share their excitement (and show off their incredible results) for the BEST lash serum!


As a sports enthusiast, Kendall has maintained a healthy, fit lifestyle, so she wasn’t interested in adding anything high-maintenance or unhealthy to her beauty routine… and she didn’t have to make any compromises when she started using LiLash®. Because LiLash® has an effective but natural, Non-GMO, and paraben-free formula, Kendall found her lashes started looking longer and fuller while remaining healthy and lush. Her amazing results and appreciation for the LiLash® formula’s natural benefits make her a LiLove!


After an esthetician and friend recommended Lilash® serum to her, Ashley was skeptical that a natural product could drastically change the appearance of her thin eyelashes. After three weeks of using the serum and incorporating it into her nightly skincare regimen, she started to see results. She kept at it and after the full 90 days, she was pleasantly amazed to see that it worked wonders! Now a Lilove for eight years, Ashley still uses the non-GMO and paraben-free formula to give her natural lashes a luxurious lift and a fuller, more eye-catching look. She loves Lilash® because it’s a natural product that truly does provide great results!


After struggling with lash extensions for a long while, Grace decided to take a break and try out LiLash®. She found the LiLash® formula was the best eyelash purified serum because it both helped her lashes appear longer AND repaired damage from the previous lash extensions. Grace started seeing incredible results; her lashes recovered and appeared fuller and longer than ever before. Seeing the natural, amazing results of LiLash®, Grace became a true LiLove and has made the lash serum a part of her beauty routine for five years and counting!


Emily was tired of the constant struggle to help her eyelashes achieve the long-term volume she wanted. After seeing the positive results of Lilash® first-hand, Emily knew she had to try it. Because the Lilash® serum application routine is quick and simple, it easily became part of her daily beauty ritual. It didn’t take long for Emily to see the outcome she desired. Along with increasing the appearance of voluminous lashes, Lilash® also makes her makeup routine easier; no more curlers, heavy mascara, and fake eyelashes! Emily attributes her beautiful natural lashes to Lilash® and expects to be a Lilove for many years to come.


Unhappy with the length of her lashes, Kim was looking for a natural, cruelty-free product that would make a difference. After thorough research, she found Lilash®, a gentle yet highly effective eyelash serum. After reading the many success stories Kim decided to give Lilash® a try and soon saw confirmation that she’d made the best choice! After 30 days Kim saw her eyelashes appeared much thicker, longer, and healthier. Because of Lilash’s® undeniable positive results, Kim has been a confident Lilove for six years!


Natalie, a medical esthetician from San Diego, was devastated when chronic illness caused her to lose her hair and eyelashes. Desperate for a solution, she posted pictures and tagged @lilashbeauty for help which is how we got to know her. Having been disappointed by other brands, Natalie was skeptical at first but soon began to see her eyelashes appearing fuller and healthier! Natalie now wholeheartedly recommends the natural Lilash® serum to any client who wishes to be their best and most confident selves.

If you’ve experienced the magic of LiLash® first hand and want to share your story and the results with the world then YOU are a LiLove candidate!

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