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Sparkle along your Journey to LiLashes

We’re celebrating the Journey to LiLashes so, every order now includes a custom LiLash counter holder and inspirational mirror decal.

The Mirror Decal:
Place LiLash front and center with an inspirational decal to remind you to wave your wand daily.

Limited Edition Holder: Limited Edition* NEW for holiday 2016! This stunning counter holder highlights LiLash at star status in any beauty setting. Frosted base is adorned with Swarovski® crystals and exclusively numbered making this a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. When the sparkle catches your eye, there’s no way you’ll forget to use your magic wand every day! ll3084_productimages_lloriginalle *Your gift exclusively with any LiLash 6 mo Original size purchase.  

Premium Holder: We want to make conquering the world a little easier. With LiLash right at your fingertips in our chic holder, it easily fits into your existing beauty routine. This sophisticated holder compliments any vanity and will help to remind you to apply LiLash every day! ll3084_productimages_lbdemill3084_productimages_lldemi *Your gift exclusively with any LiLash & LiBrow 3 mo size purchase