Ah, the New Year. Time for out with the old, in with the new, and a fresh determination to make resolutions and stick to them. So in the spirit of all things new, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite resolutions for 2017.


Be Healthy

Easier said than done, right? Well, yes and no. Typically topping the list of resolutions are things like “lose weight” or “cut out sugar.” While being healthy is less specific, it’s also a balanced approach, and takes into account you as a whole person. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating nutrient-rich food, being active, taking vitamins—these are things that collectively yield a more healthful person. We like it because it lets you define what you need to be healthy, and that’s different for everyone. Plus it makes the emphasis positive, letting you focus on healthy habits versus restrictions.


Get Social

Sure, we love it when you post your gorgeous LiLash eyelashes and tag us with #LiLashWorks (hint, hint). But we don’t just mean spend time on social media. In fact, getting social for 2017 should involve more face time and less screen time. It’s easy to get lost behind computers, texts and feeds, so opt instead for the personal interaction of getting coffee with a friend or calling (not messaging) your sister.


Manage Your Time

In a world of busy schedules and multiple merged calendars, it can feel like time manages you versus the other way around. Take control of your time by scheduling Me Time. Put it in your calendar or set a daily alarm if you have to, but make sure you leave time to do something just for you every day. You may give yourself an extra half hour in the morning to sit instead of scurry toward the shower. Or you may choose more time at night to actually unwind and read a book before tumbling into bed. Whatever you choose, be deliberate about self-care.


Enjoy the Process

This is sort of another way of saying “take time to smell the roses.” Or, rather, take time to watch the roses grow. In our instant society, we sometimes forget about the process and focus only on the end result. Take LiLash, for example—you won’t have long lashes overnight, but the process itself shouldn’t be glossed over. Getting your first compliment around week 6 or 7 will feel incredible, so enjoy the journey. Starting a new job? Relish the first few weeks before you become a pro. Learning a new language? Marvel over those initial words. Moving into a new place? Enjoy the blank walls and the process of adding a different picture every week. Don’t be in a hurry. You’ll get there soon enough.


These are some of our faves—what are yours? Whatever resolutions top your list for 2017, we at LiLash hope it’s a year of health, happiness, and—most especially—growth.