Meet the LiLoves

LiLoves share their love affair with LiLash for the whole world to see.


The LiLoves are our most celebrated group of LiLash fans. Want to become a LiLove? Get vocal about your LiLash obsession. You might just be invited to become one too!

Full Name:   Shay Danielle

Eye Color:   Hazel with Freckles :)

Hometown:   Calgary Canada

Q:  Favourite eye shadow colour as a backdrop to lashes

A:  I’m actually currently loving no shadows and just a winged liner. I let my lashes be the statement.

Q:  What is the obsession with lashes?

A:  In my opinion, long lashes and a full brow is so important for a healthy youthful look. Lashes give the illusion of lift to the eye and brows frame them. Eyes are the window to the soul and say so much about an individual so why not dress them up the best way we can.

Q:  Where do you keep your LiLash?

A:  Right beside my toothbrush so I never forget to use it.

Q:  What is your Lilash Routine?

A:  To start I used LiLash both morning and night. I found it boosted the results in less time. Once I saw my new lashes sprouting I continues to use it only at night. Now I only use it 3-4 times a week to maintain my lashes.

Q:  Do you remember the moment you first noticed a change in your lashes?

A:  It has been a full 2 years of using LiLash but from what I can remember it was about 3 weeks after I started my LiLash routine that one morning I applied mascara like I usually do and count believe the added length. Even my bottom lashes sprouted!

Q:  One trick I use to instantly enhance your eyes?

A:  A quick trick to thicken the appearance of your lash line that takes only a second or 2 is to use a black liner on your upper waterline. it creates a dark band between your lash line and your eyeball creating a seamless lash look.

Q:  The first person to notice my new lashes.

A:  I work in the aesthetic and beauty industry so I am asked on a daily basis if my lashes are ‘real’. They sure are.

Q:  Memorable experience being complimented on my lashes?

A:  Hearing the question “who does your lashes” or "where do you get your lashes done” when they are mistaken for eyelash extensions.

Commit to a full 3 months of using LiLash and there’s no way you will stop. Don’t give up before your lashes have a chance to make their debut. You will be amazed at the power of LiLash. I am hooked. Its great on brows, too. A multi purpose growth product!

Love & Lashes