Mayfair & Grace believes in the magic of LiLash. That’s because the UK stockist’s associates use (and love!) the products themselves. They love LiLash¬†so much, in fact, that they chose to feature it!


Sophie, one of Mayfair & Grace’s lovely associates, recently highlighted LiLash lash serum on the boutique’s brand new YouTube channel. In the video, she shares tips for using LiLash as well as the story of her own results. When talking about her own LiLash experience, Sophie mentions that she’s “really impressed with it” and that she and her coworkers have “fallen in love with it.”


Sophie also expresses in the clip just how much Mayfair & Grace customers enjoy using LiLash. “We love having LiLash. We’ve had great customer feedback.”


Watch the feature below.



There are many authorised LiLash stockists in the UK. Want to join the family? Apply here.