woman-407180_1920You know we swear by beauty gurus on YouTube—we practically trust them with our lives. So when we see a video titled “Eyelash Hack: How to Make Them Look Longer,” we instantly click on it.

While most of these beauty gurus use falsies as a means of making their lashes look longer, we’ve stumbled across quite a few hacks that involve everyday home items. After reviewing these tips and consulting with a doctor—who also happens to be our CEO—we’ve pinpointed the hacks you definitely want to avoid.

blog-post-8-photo-1 Hack 1: Use baby powder to thicken your eyelashes.
We first saw this hack on Modamob’s YouTube channel. Here’s essentially how it works: Between coats of mascara you apply baby powder to your eyelashes using a Q-Tip. This thickens your lashes giving you a “natural falsies” look. We completely understand why this hack is appealing. Who doesn’t want full eyelashes? Here’s
the issue—your eyes are probably the last place you should be applying baby powder. With one of the main ingredients being talc and/or corn starch, this can be harmful and irritating to
your eyes. While the goal is for the baby powder to stick to the mascara, there will inevitably be fallout,
which will likely end up in your eyes. And if you’re a contact-lens wearer, this could cause even
greater issues.
blog-post-8-photo-2Hack 2: Use cotton to length your eyelashes.
The beautiful Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty first showed us this trick. Here are the basics: Between coats of mascara, use a spool to apply pieces of cotton to your eyelashes to make them appear longer. This is a super creative idea, but again, probably not the best idea. While you may be able to successfully stick the cotton to your lashes initially, as the day goes on, you will likely experience fallout of the cotton as we often do with mascara. While cotton balls are often used around the eye area, getting a piece of cotton inside of your eye is likely to be painful and possibly difficult to get out as it breaks down and separates.
Also, we simply can’t image this gives a natural look. We’re envisioning more of a spidery effect, but that could just be us.

Hack 3: Put castor oil on your eyelashes. 
Some of you may have just shrieked when you read the final hack we are debunking. We’ve seen SO many bloggers talking about this one, but sadly, it just isn’t true.

Castor oil isn’t necessarily bad for your eyelashes. This issue is, there is simply no research to back it up. So since its intended purpose has nothing to do with your eyes, you could be doing more harm than good by applying it to your lashes. We understand why women are always on the hunt for ways to make their eyelashes appear longer, thicker and more curled. These hacks, however, are not the answer. Instead, LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum is. It’s safe for all eyes, and has guaranteed results.
So what are you waiting for?! Put the baby powder and cotton balls back under your sink and head over to lilash.com to get started on your LiLash journey!